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Discover hundreds of short term consultancy projects around the world

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    Work with top tier companies on real life projects

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    Enhance your Consuldents resume for an entry to your professional career

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    Learn from expert mentors and stay one step ahead of the pack when it comes to job seeking

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    Expand your network and make lasting industry connections

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Hire top tier Pakistani doctoral and graduate students at a fraction of a cost of consultants

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    Hiring student consultants is a high value, budget friendly option

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    Consuldents bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, experience and enthusiasm to the table, all for a much lesser price tag

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    Test drive the future talent of your company by hiring Consuldents

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    Your short term consultancy assignment, executed to perfection by Consuldents

How it works

Great Minds…Greater Opportunity!

See how Pakistani students and organizations can connect and collaborate on wide ranging projects
from classical mechanics to market research

Building a stronger business landscape

See how connecting students with leading organizations can empower eager minds to find what they’re passionate about—and excel—while building a stronger business landscape to improve the world.

Development and
public policy

Development and public policy

Without a policy there can be no governance. To govern there must be a set of guidelines and public policies provide those guidelines for effective governance.

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Technological innovation is central to human growth and prosperity, and engineering has been an important driver in this progress.

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  • Arts and

    Arts and Aesthetics

    Aesthetic dimension of our lives exerts a considerable power.

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  • Programing
    & Tech

    Programing & Tech

    The pace of change in computing is extraordinary.

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There is a consuldent for
every organization