Who are Consuldents?

Consuldents are student consultants. What makes them different from everyone else is that they are enrolled in some of the best undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in Pakistan. They are technically sound, full of energy and are willing to help you out on your next cutting edge assignment. If you are looking for everyday freelancing work (SEO, content writing, blog writing, logo design), then unfortunately this platform may not work for you.

On the other hand, if you are working on something cutting edge, unique and disruptive (electric planes, lithium ion batteries, electric storage etc.), Consuldents will provide you the best collaborative space to try out your ideas with top minds in academia. Even if you want a solution that is budget friendly and easy on your pocketbook, you can hire a Consuldent instead of a regular Consultant and get your work done in wide array of fields such as engineering, public policy, arts and architecture, technology etc.

Why Consuldents?

Students offer the very best value. They are hardworking and apply fresh ideas, with the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of your field. Hiring students to work on your short term technical assignments is a high-value, budget-friendly option and gives you the opportunity to locate the very best new talent in your industry.

Find your next Elon Musk:

Ever wondered how so many students created such fantastic products and services while at school. From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, students have time and again shown they are the engines of growth and productivity. If you are working on something disruptive, you might as well want to give Consuldents a chance to iterate, experiment and help create something new and innovative. At Consuldents, organizations can find their next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg by collaborating with them on wide array of fields and providing them an opportunity to lead untested project.

Power up your Business by Hiring Consuldents

Consuldents are currently enrolled in some of the best undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs across the globe. Those who are enrolled in graduate and doctoral programs are experienced, having more than five to seven years of work experience and represent some of the brightest minds in academia. They possess the skills and expertise required to complete your project to perfection.

More for Less

Consultants cost a lot. Consuldents can work on some of your projects equally well and they bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, experience and enthusiasm to the table, all for a much lesser price tag so get a Consuldent on board next time you have a short term consultancy project.

Fresh Perspective:

Most Consuldents are millennials who are tech-savvy by birth. They are functioned to make tough tasks easy using latest collaborative tools. They break the “that’s how it’s done approach” and they are always looking for innovative ways to do things. They bring fresh and new ideas to an organization that a seasoned employee might not think about.

Test Drive the Future Talent of Your Company:

Consuldents gives you a golden chance to test drive your future talent. You don’t have to judge by a resume or a cover letter. Hiring a Consuldent is like temporarily hiring an employee to see if he is good enough to take on bigger challenges. You can also think of this consuldency project as a long interview. You will have a chance to see this employee in action and see if they fit into your company culture by seeing first hand’s their abilities, passion and work ethic and whether they are a right fit in the long run.

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