Why Consuldents?

Getting real life work experience while studying is often hard. Your professional experience is usually limited to internships and course projects, and it’s difficult to gain real-life experience while studying. This is where Consuldents comes in. We offer a one-of-a kind opportunity to work on projects with organizations that resonates your technical expertise, be it public policy, finance, engineering, computer sciences or anything that you are currently studying; giving you practical, relevant experience. For students wanting to work on cutting edge assignments, Consuldents is your go-to choice.

Foster your passion:

Young graduates are often given advice to follow their passions. They should follow this advice if, in fact, they know what that passion is. But what if they don’t? Like so many young graduates (including us), it has often been trying multiple things before settling on what we like best. Is it a good enough fit, an average fit or a perfect fit? We only know when we iterate and work on things which we have not explored before.

At Consuldents, you can work on assignments that resonate with your technical expertise, iterate and figure out what interests you most. Express your interests in Consuldency projects today and foster your passion before following it.

Enhance your Resume and Develop Skills:

At Consuldents, you will boost your resume with professional experience. Rather than restricting yourself to internships, choose Consuldency projects that will hone your skills working on real life projects alongside your industry’s finest minds. You will not only gain consulting experience but also develop valuable professional attributes that can be applied in your career. Impress employers with your additional skills and experience, and stay one step ahead of the pack when it comes to job seeking.

Expand your Network:

At Consuldents, you will connect with some of the coolest minds in your industry and learn from expert mentors. Work on real time Consuldency projects and lay down the foundation for future opportunities with a list of contacts to rival those already working in the field.

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