About Us

Founded in March of 2016, Consuldents aims to create a marketplace community for leading Pakistani students and organizations to list, discover and execute short term consultancy assignments in wide array of fields such as engineering, business, public policy, arts and architecture, language etc.

Whether working on a next drone program for a startup, textile designing assignment for a small enterprise or an R&D effort with a multinational organization for their next product launch, Consuldents provide fast and secure way to collaborate on next cutting edge assignments.

With a commitment to world-class customer service and an ease of collaboration at a secure platform, Consuldents is the easiest way for students to gain valuable experience while working with the real pros of industry.

Our Philosophy

As a philosophy, we sincerely believe that every master was once a student. In fact, many of those we look to for inspiration came up with their brilliant companies and products while they were students (think of Musk, Zuckerberg and Gates).

For us, connecting the young minds of today with the forward-thinking companies of tomorrow will always be a celebration of talent and enthusiasm, the courage to answer difficult questions, and the obsession to turn what we don't understand into the next big thing.

How it works

Great Minds…Greater Opportunity!

See how Pakistani students and organizations can connect and collaborate on wide ranging projects
from classical mechanics to market research